Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Background Scenery Ideas

Having returned from a trip to England a couple of months ago, I was looking through our holiday photos and found some which would adapt themselves to ideas for painting background scenery.  I think the hardest part of painting backgrounds is to get the colours right - I imagine that it is difficult to get the colours subtle enough so that they stay in the background where they belong.
I love this photo because of the houses clustered around the bottom of the hill at Whitby and the ruined abbey at the top.  Note the difference between the houses in the foreground and the ones in the background which are much smaller.

This on is spot-on for colour.  Welsh hills taken from Anglesey.  The hills have three shades of blue with the sky being another two shades of blue with the white clouds.

Fields and hills in Wales showing the bright green foliage in the foreground fading away to almost grey in the background.

 Here is another photo which my nephew took whilst walking in the Cotswalds. Love the shadow of the clouds in this one.

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